by Lakeside

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released April 25, 2017

All songs by Lakeside.
Recorded/mixed/mastered by Tristen Whitehead.
Artwork by Beau Brynes. (badmuseum.com)

Chris Osorio - vocals/guitar
Johnny Manna - bass
Will Bowman - guitar
Jared Garcia - drums

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Lakeside Poughkeepsie, New York

Emotive punk from New York.


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Track Name: Terms
I'm on the outside walking away
Running out of places I want to be
Don't mean to sound so insincere but I never wished that you were here
What's the point in holding on when branches break?

Where has my passion run off to now?
Is it chasing dead dreams in my head?
Where's the heart and all the hope that I had two years ago?
They'll find their way back in the end

"Spread your wings," they say, "and you will find your place to be"
Guess I'll rest my broken neck at the bottom of the tree
And if weeks turn into months, will you still remember me?
Or am I just the face that haunts you in your sleep?

This is my closing argument
Make peace with yourself in the end
If you can't come to terms with it
Let it go and let this/me in

Who will be there in the end?
We'll never know it
I guess we'll have to wait till then
Track Name: Rope
I always try to go for gold but every time I fucking choke
So take me down a different road, I’ll try to find my way back home
Bury me under anything, I don’t care where my body lays
Try to find some symmetry for this broken heart I carry

I’m trying to save myself
Repenting but I am my sin

I am holding onto broken rope
Trying to pull myself out of the snow
I cut my end to let you go
Because we both know you were losing hope

I'll tell you all my hopes and fears, try to regain some sense of self
And everything that mattered dear, will lead to what’s next somehow
I’ve exhausted all my happiness, can you hear it in these symphonies
Maybe if I give up my dream I can finally live for me

I think I know the ins and outs, the hiding spots of all my doubts
These thoughts get in too deep somehow, they can’t get out and they yell for help
Track Name: Burnt
I've been tested by my faith to see how strong I am
But I just can't believe when the curves let me down again
My memories are the only thing that snow hasn't covered
But I've been buried underneath the weight of them

Change is always welcomed in
But this year it robbed me of everything
I am the pictures on the wall of places that you can't recall
I am the ashes from your smoke, I let you burn down

Although my touch turned things gold
Gold is weak, just like my bones

Maybe I should just be honest with myself for once
That I caved in, that I fucked up, but I don't care that much
But what's the point in getting up when I'm knocked to the floor?
I don't need an answer, I'll get up to prove I'm something more
Track Name: Chasing Ghosts
I let the thoughts I never spoke take control of what I chose
Hindsight leads to broken hope and blinds you from the truth
I am more than name in stone, dates aligned to show my growth
I am more than words that choke inside my gasping throat

And I am not afraid of God, he can damn me all he wants
The deal we had is gone, it's off the table

I'm never getting through to you, you're heaven gated
The things we thought we always knew, they're devastated
We've got to let it go to rebuild our home

Would you really want to know what could have been
When you already chose the road you're in?
And I don't believe things happen for a reason
You're just giving these patterns a meaning

Because when you're not afraid of God, he can damn you all he wants
And you'll still be standing at the table

I'm tired of chasing ghosts, I'm not afraid of what they'll do
I'm tired of chasing ghosts because I'm afraid of what they know
Track Name: 18
Hindsight is 20/20, I'll live too long to worry
But sometimes my eyes get blurry and I lose focus of the story
It feels like I've been in a rut, photo albums fill with dust
I don't know what I want but I think that I've had enough

And I gave it my all
But sometimes things fall/So don't let this fall

My demons resent me because I left them buried
Like coffins to the grave
The wheel keeps on turning, my shoulder is burning
I won't let that stop me

Sometimes you've got to let go of the past just so it doesn't hold you back
Sometimes you've got to cross the line in the sand

I never really tried and that ate me alive
I bore that weight, it broke my neck but it will heal in time
I never thought I'd let this go
I guess it's time to show I've grown

I thought I had the heart but I just lacked the faith
I always end up limping away from every problem that I face