For Better Or For Worse

by Lakeside

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released June 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Lakeside Poughkeepsie, New York

Emotive punk from New York.


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Track Name: Patina
In my head this is already over.
It's starting to make sense how I push away,
And lost all faith in everyone but my friends.
This whole town's so goddamn pretentious.

I can't sleep,
I've got too much on my mind.
Not even drinking can make me forget that night.

I've been pushing myself to be a better man,
And I guess "better or for worse"
Was just a way to comprehend,
Why I ran away from my dreams,
And held on to pointless memories.
I wish I didn't fall asleep,
So demons couldn't visit me.

I always feel so damn alone.
I just wanna get this over and done with.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for hanging around when I've got nothing left to prove in this town.
Track Name: Susan Glenn
So close but so far away,
Every wave was just mistaken.
I know you're happier where you are in your state of mind,
And the steps you've taken.
With this box of photographs,
Broken hearts and nervous laughs.
Make sure just to turn away,
We both can't handle this anyway.

It fills me up with so much fear
Words come out so insincere.

So when we see each other next time,
I hope I know that you're doing just fine.
And when we see each other next time,
I hope you know that you're stuck on my mind.

So close but so far away,
I hate seeing you everyday.
The way you walk right past me,
Like I don't exist or have a name.
If you're sitting there all alone,
Come find me I'll let you know.
How I think about you everyday,
And how I wish the past could change.

I don't believe that anybody else needs you the way that I do.
I don't believe I'll ever make it through this, unlike you.
I don't believe that anybody else needs you the way that I do.
I don't believe I'll ever make it through this bullshit you put me through.
Track Name: Look At Me, Hector
Cut the act, I know who you are.
You're all about yourself and how you look,
You couldn't go without a reflection.
Now look at this last photograph.
It's worn down and faded,
There's nothing left.
Like the beanie I wore in high school,
It's getting way too old.

Take yourself out of my shoes,
You don't know what's been on my mind.
Out of breath like I've been running,
A thousand miles.
If you think this puts me in my place,
Then you're fucking wrong.
I guess there's no other option,
I'm writing you this last song.

These years made me see a side of you,
So insecure about yourself.
You tried to change me.
But you walked out more times than I can count.
You begged me for forgiveness.
I won't fucking take you back.

Honestly, I don't know who I am anymore.
Days go by so fast it's all a blur.
Track Name: I'm A Ghost
I'm so goddamn tired of this week I'm in.
I'm running on an hour of sleep and Nesquik
And I'm so sick of everything that's in my head.
I'm like a carousel going round and round.
Why am I so awkward?
I'm like a poltergeist to these people all around me,
I'm surrounded by creeps and jocks, all these assholes.
I hate this town.

All my friends say I'm stuck in a rut,
And it's filling in fast.
I went 0 and 12 last year.
I'll try and forget it.,
But I'm stuck in the fucking past.

My life's so goddamn scripted,
Like the Seinfeld TV show from the 90s.
And it's getting so repetitive.
Did the writers of my life give up and show reruns?
So why am I still trying,
To get this right and move through this travesty?
Why do I always feel so alone?
I guess it's just that part of me.

I'm just a ghost in this town.
Everybody saw me as nothing at all.
Track Name: What's Next?
There's no turning back,
The wasted years,
The things I said in fear,
Friends that I lost along the way,
My doubts on opportunities.
And everything that mattered,
Turns to dust in the end.
All the shit I've ever learned,
Will surely shape who I am.
So I'll try to get this right,
Since the end is closing in.
But I'll have to move on,
Or I'm sure that I'll just sink.
And when I'm looking back,
To see how this all played.
I'll be sure I made it fine,
And got up on my two feet.

All my old flames,
Light up these walls.
Like all the bridges I burned last fall.
And everything I've loved will feel so small.

Well I guess things change for better or for worse.
And these past four years have proven me to be cursed.
I'm not the same kid from freshman year.
I grew up and I learned that things aren't so fair.
It may seem picture perfect but life's a broken frame.

So what the fuck is next?
No more sleeping on cold floors,
And having restless nights.
I'll be ready to expect,
Any time I'll have to fight.
I know I've had regrets,
On too many different things.
At least it gives me stories,
On my victories and defeats.

I guess I lived my life like a smoke grenade,
I went off too fast then got blown away.
But there's no turning back, just turning new leaves.
Life always goes on, so I'll do as I please.